Customer Testimonials

On behalf of Westfield Grinding Wheel Company our sincere thanks for a job well done. The entire project ran smoothly thanks to Forish’s outstanding organization and was finished on time and within budget.

Because this job required extensive electrical work requiring careful coordination with the Westfield Gas & Electric, the potential for disruptions in our on going manufacturing operation was pretty high. I was happy to report that there were absolutely none.

We would be pleased to recommend Forish to any prospective customer.

Very truly yours, Edward S. Sauers, President & CEO

I want to thank your company for exceeding my expectations in constructing Astro Chemicals new distribution facility in Springfield, Mass.

You have provided Astro with a structure that conforms and/or exceeds all of today’s building codes for Hazardous Material storage while keeping Astro’s future, and the public’s safety in mind.

Astro made the correct choice selecting Forish Construction, and will be our preferred contractor for the future.

Sincerely, Bill Cunningham Jr., Owner, Astro Chemicals Inc.

Our company has worked with the Forish Construction Company of Westfield, Massachusetts on new building construction and an additions to an existing building. In each case Forish Construction has provided turnkey construction management service including building design, securing necessary government approvals and all aspects of building construction.

The relationship we have with Forish Construction extends over 10 years. The quality of building construction provided by Forish Construction has always been of the highest standard and the projects undertaken have been completed on schedule. I would recommend Forish Construction to anyone considering a building construction project.

Sincerely, Roger D. Bollier, President of N.C. Industries, Inc.

August 31, 2012

Jeff & Jim,

I wanted to thank you both for your excellent project management and supervision on the first phase of the Morrill II Acid Neutralization Project!

You and your subs were successful at bringing in Phase One of the Project… on time. Our project has not disrupted the … research… while accomplishing a very difficult excavation and plumbing and mechanical project.

We clearly have an excellent team and I find it a pleasure to work with you both and am looking forward to the next phases of the project with confidence.

Richard P Nathhorst, UMA Facilities Planning