Industrial Building Projects

Forish has been designing, constructing & maintaining Industrial buildings in Western Massachusetts since 1946.

The list below highlights some of our projects. Contact us to see what Forish Construction Company can do for you.


Astro Logistics - Building Addition and Site Improvements

Design and Construction of a three building addition of over 24,000 square feet along with site improvements for a chemical distributor. Design and construction included a focus on  ensuring adequate capacity in the underlying systems to support future expansion.

Additional Photos of Astro Logistics

Kanzaki Specialty Papers

 New building construction and site improvements for a waste water treatment project.

J. Dirats Lab

Construction of a new 14,400 sf building addition and a covered delivery canopy. Reconstruction of the rear parking lot and new stormwater structures and piping installed.   

Governor's America

Governor's America Corporation

This is the fourth building project Forish Construction has completed for Governor's America Corporation. This time Forish doubled the size of their facility.

Millenium Press

Forish Construction was there when Millenium Press, a local growing printing company, was looking to expand their existing building with a 2-story addition.

Hodell Natco

Hodell Natco Industries

Hodell Natco Industries, a growing national company, called on Forish Construction when they needed a new 108'x 240' distribution facility in Westfield. 


This facility was constructed to house a growing laser cutting company.  In addition to the manufacturing area there is a mezzanine level, a clean room, and a complete office support facilities. 

Construction Fasteners Supply

Forish Construction was the design/build contractor chosen by two partners when they decided to build their own facility.  The finished product is one that they can be proud of for many years. 

Liebmann Optical

International optical lens manufacturer's building in Easthampton. 

Microtek, Inc.

This electronic assemblies manufacturer chose Forish Construction to design and build its new 22,000 sf facility.  The end result is a functional attractive building with offices, cafeteria, conference rooms, and manufacturing space to meet Microtek's needs now and in the future.